01.19.02 - Graceland - Seattle, WA - w/ Seth Howard, Actual Tigers

poster by Tyler Stoud

photos courtesy of Seth Howard

show listing

Saturday 1/19

(Graceland) Quietly plugging along for nearly a decade, Jeff Martin's Idaho has released nine albums, each subtly swollen with mournful soul-searching and quiet lament. Last fall's Levitate found the band at its most sparse, and rivaled like-minded slowcore act Low's deceptive, restrained sentiment. (For a taste of Idaho in a more strident mood, check out 1996's excellent Three Sheets to the Wind.) As you may or may not know, Actual Tigers used to be called Willis, and the band's mix of pop, rock, and blues has made it a favorite in the East Coast college rock scene (the band recently toured with Counting Crows). At the request of Idaho, local guy Seth Howard will open.

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