09.12.02 - Knaack - Berlin, Germany

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Hard at the ball with Idaho

So an obstinacy gives it only in the Indierock: For over ten years already Jeff Martin with its volume project Idaho is around, without in this time beyond the status of the Geheimtipps. An eternal talent only for the allerverfeinertsten Indiehipster. The others had dear Codeine, smog or Low. took up Idaho untiringly albums, fought however either with selling difficulties or were too bockig, in order to present these a larger public: "People Like US Should Stopped" is called one of their albums. The Idaho Songs however is larger and more pleonastic than those of the Slowcore colleagues; no Shortstorys, but novels, which read themselves just as well as from Neil the Young or J. Mascis. There it can be furnished in it, also take off is possible, and one wins realizations like these anyway: Obstinacy disburses itself always sometime. GBA

Knaack, Thursday, 21 o'clock

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