the feelings they conjure up are so abstract i am lost for words... longing, loneliness, love, frustration, fear, anger and happiness, especially happiness... i guess idaho is about life. - project a
jump up
you'll get to the bottom of this
only in the desert
run but you ran
yesterday's unwinding
leaves upon the water
produced by jeff martin
recorded spring 1998 at jeff's
engineered by jeff martin and bill sanke
mixed with bill sanke summer 1998

idaho is jeff martin and dan seta

joey warnoker drums
melissa auf der maur backing vocals
claudia parducci violin
ron jannelli bassoon

jeff martin art direction
chris schendel design

write idaho at po box 2509 l.a. ca 90078
released by buzz records 409 n. wolcott chicago il 60622

image from alas
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