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the palms e.p.
year after year
  floundering soundtrack
this way out
drive it
  the bayonet e.p.
  three sheets to the wind
pomegranate bleeding
  the forbidden e.p.
  buzz records spring of '98 sampler
 year after year year after year
caroline records 1993
 this way out this way out
caroline records 1994
 three sheets to the wind three sheets to the wind
caroline records 1996
 alas alas
buzz records 1998
 the palms e.p. the palms e.p.
caroline records 1993
 the bayonet e.p. the bayonet e.p.
fingerpaint records 1995
 the forbidden e.p. the forbidden e.p.
buzz records 1997
 skyscrape skyscrape
ringers lactate 1993
 fuel fuel
caroline records 1994
 drive it drive it
caroline records 1994
 pomegranate bleeding pomegranate bleeding
caroline records 1996
 floundering soundtrack floundering
caroline records 1994
 buzz records spring of '98 sampler buzz records spring of '98 sampler
buzz records 1998
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