run but you ran   martin
when you get in your car you always seem to drive some place but in 1981 you didn't have to be someone your love of life began there was no reason to run but you ran from the structure from the pain only it turns out you ran the wrong way all of your friends were nuts you miss being with them sometimes but now it's time to help someone else with something that you've learned a lot somehow you will recover from all of this sick society's fun a lonely trip it's gonaa be a very mysterious way to be free nothing will seem right outside until it's right inside
although still veiled, the lyrics of run but you ran form more of a story and seem more direct and concrete than most idaho lyrcis. the delivery and pace of the song add to the story-like atmosphere, with melissa auf der maur's vocals used as an instrument to set the ambience and mood.

four minutes and two seconds
listen to twenty seconds of run but you ran


image from alas
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