pomegranate bleeding
idaho band photo from ap
pomegranate bleeding     shame    the right escape

released as a 7" and cd single in the uk, pomegranate bleeding was the only single released from three sheets to the wind. the single features an exclusive b-side track, the right escape, and three sheet's shame (on cd only). like the the singles selected from this way out, pomegranate bleeding is a relatively up-tempo song. the singles rely on the b-sides to provide contrast to the a-sides, touching on some of the slowness that the albums deal with. the right escape also points to some of idaho's earlier work, as it was recorded during the sessions for this way out.

nearly selected as nme's single of the week, pomegranate bleeding was described as "a lovely thing, a nest of guitars sprinkled with the essence of spring... a mere tattie skin's width from single of the week."

released by caroline records
© 1996 wierd wood music, bmi

idaho band photo by amy lehman
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