pomegranate bleeding 
imagery for pomegranate bleeding
  (seta, borden, lewis, martin) 
inside let it
happen or wash
it away 'cause
i know these
questions are
looking at me baking
in the sun there is no
sheltering me from the
rays up high that i
will not ever see breezing
through the fog
i love so
i feel my way
through wasted
times out to
drain my head
the same thrill
out of body
given facelong for a hand
'cause it's trained
on myself and the monkey
in me like the way
the handle feels
get it off me dive
into the ocean with the oily fish
and hold your breath a few days
pomegranate bleeding was the only single from three sheets to the wind. the single almost made nme's single of the week. pomegranate bleeding was a fixture on idaho's three u.s. tours in support of three sheets.

guitar tuning:
e c# f# b

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Cover artwork from the Pomegranate Bleeding single
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