shame (martin, brown, seta, lewis)  
imagery for shame
  i'll watch this sun go
out i feel the breaks
go down in the wreck of
this hot rod
there's a heart that can
not control its blood flowing
through parts not very easy to find

up mulholland this spinal
chord i love
is gonna make me break
some rules i know
the rust won't stop its
so hard to cut it
from the body
all wrapped up

     there's a road
     i think i know it
     just in the back of
     my eyes are clouded with shame
shame is the only idaho song on which this way out-era bassist jim brown is given a writing credit, although terry bordern played the bass part heard on three sheets to the wind. it was commonly played live in support of three sheets and could have been a single in its own right.

guitar tuning: f# c# e a#

listen to 20 seconds of shame


Cover artwork from the Pomegranate Bleeding single
pomegranate bleeding  shame  the right escape 
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